The Sexual Violence Prevention & Education Coalition (SVPEC) serves as an interdisciplinary team of Tulane University senior-level administrators, faculty, staff and students who joined together in the spring of 2014 to address the problem of sexual violence and misconduct among the student population.

The mission of our coalition is to collaboratively and strategically prevent sexual violence while fostering sexual climates and cultures on campus where all feel safe, informed, and well-positioned to thrive. We also aim to enhance the effectiveness of and communication between other working groups and individuals working on initiatives related to Title IX, sexual violence prevention, rape culture and healthy sexuality.

The SVPEC is Co-Chaired by Lindsey Greeson, MS, Director of the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion, and Meredith Smith, JD and MEd, Tulane University Title IX Coordinator. If the SVPEC sounds like something in which you'd like to be involved in, contact Lindsey at or Meredith at


As One Wave, we will exist in a community where violence is not tolerated and the expectation is that everyone does their part to promote a community of care and concern. This initiative aims to mobilize and equip community members to increase their active bystander behavior to prevent violence. We each have the power to choose to make our Tulane campus one that embodies the best of community engagement; One Wave empowers each Tulanian as an agent of social change to actively and outwardly support the norms of non-violence in the Tulane community. 

EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO DO THEIR PART AND VIOLENCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED: No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.

Get involved! Go to the OneWave website and sign up for a training or to become a facilitator!


SAPHE is a Tulane University student organization devoted to providing outreach, education, and advocacy regarding the issue of sexual aggression. We focus on two major areas of activism:

  • Member-run 24/7 confidential hotline, which works to support Tulane community members affected by sexual aggression by providing a listening ear and information about resources.
  • Educational and outreach programs around campus to educate and to engage community members on issues of consent and sexual violence.

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Tulane University Peer Health Educators (TUPHEs) are a diverse group of Tulane students who are committed to enhancing their own health and the health of the Tulane community. The purpose of the program is to advocate for and promote healthy choices, personal well-being, and community safety. Through leadership, education, and awareness peer educators provide quality, innovative, and inclusive workshops, services, and events to meet the health needs of Tulane students.

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Don’t have time to be a TUPHE? As a way of expanding the reach of peer education on Tulane's campus the TUPHEs developed the Wellness Ambassador program. The Wellness Ambassadors are a group of student leaders representing organizations across Tulane's community aimed at connecting and supporting the well-being of members and at promoting the health of the whole Tulane community.

To learn more about how to get your organization involved with TUPHEs' Wellness Ambassador program click here.


Tulane University has many active LGBTIQA and feminist student groups.  The following under/graduate student organizations focus on gender- and sexuality-related social, health, spiritual, political, intellectual, and cultural matters.  If you have a gender- and/or sexuality-related student group that you would like start and/or have listed here, please e-mail  We would like to include you in our events and offer our services and programs to your members. 

Check our their website!


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